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Tiep currently working as an developer for Skysumu, and the main updating for website. Support customer and creating products.
Harumu or Harutsugu both is my name in Japan i think.🙃️

i’m always acting as an busy man, who thinking about work, job, money anytime, any people i was meet, but the inside of me is just a tramp alone walking though the darkness with no one beside, and didn’t have a family like anybody else.

i’m sad, but still have to be strong, just to be living...
Tran Duc Thanh Lam work as an Japan language improved for skysumu, and the content writing in both Vietnamese, and Japanese language.
She look lovely don’t you see that? 🌙️
We are a team that working on making beautiful website, and creating content for customer. also provide a lot of adsense account, mgid, and for the publishers who try to earning money from advertising online.

Since 2006, Pham Xuan Tiep the owner and the Co-founder of Skysumu, has spent times working on website, download services account. and we got lot of customer from Vietnam.

YAN is our best customer from that period.

The mid of 2020, Tran Duc Thanh Lam join as an Co-founder, the main Japan language for Skysumu to writing and improve our service to Japan. and giving us the name of Skysumu to me.

Our main services
Adsense account 68% share for content, account, and the account for publisher.
content writing skills, Vietnamese, English, Korean, and Japanese.
Web development, design, and photo editor

Our shop selling some stuff that you will love it, just let we show you.

Currently, our try hard on earning some money to keep our service alive as we put some advertising on our website by our partner:, Mgid, and the most important adsense.
We hope you guy feel cool about this, because we careful alot on design where the ads place on website, to make it look feel better, and it not noise you.

In some way of relax after work, we do own our Bandcamp name Vận may, you guy can check it out to buy some .flac lossless music best collection of us.

We are official at:  HARUMU.COM and TIEP.TK
follow us at:  Fanpage
Zalo: 0337036819 Or Telegram: @Harumuki

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Live simply, Laugh often, Love deeply.
and don’t think much. Just do your best, and the rest is god idea.
(Pham Xuan Tiep)