Introducing Wallex Custody, Supervisor of a new digital era

Sweden, June 15 - In a decisive move to adapt to the new normal concept of everyday life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Wallex is taking its oversight role to the next level. Unprecedented new to protect your customers from their turmoil. and at the same time provide new opportunities for low-sponsored and sponsored communities.

Simone Mazzuca, Director of Wallex, said in a recent interview, right now, the recent interview of COVID-19. The majority of them who used to live in cities close to different support systems can now see they move to rural areas with little or no access to hospitals, schools, and shops. , banks, financial institutions and other funding or lending agencies, More Mazzuca. Forbes reports that the US unemployment rate rose to 14.7% in April alone, with nearly 21 million jobs removed, while the United Kingdom continued its efforts to reduce the impact of the pandemic. and avoid falling into deeper recessions.

Wallex came to the rescue.

Mazzuca said that Wallex has strengthened its core oversight role to minimize the impact of the pandemic, especially among individuals living from wages to salaries, large and small business owners needing stability. , and those who are not responsible for that that banks are punished and unnecessary, can run up to 3 billion people worldwide. Mazzuca observed that during the lockout period, smartphones have become personal lifecycle connections between families, friends and businesses. Financial technology has infused an important cog that links people with financial institutions to transact business at any time across the border without actually going there. Mazzuca explained that in times of social isolation and lockout, the Wallex Custody has become important to individuals and organizations in managing their assets due to movement restrictions. This is where the urgent need for any type of property is managed and protected by Wallex Custody.

What can Wallex Custody do?

As an asset manager, Wallex Custody is prominent in using depository accounts where customers have the option to open multiple accounts for each currency or have multiple currencies in one account. Individual accounts can earn monthly interest rates starting from 0.5% versus 1% annually in a traditional security deposit. Wallex Custody can also deal with any type of asset, be it fiat or digital or real estate without a bank license. Regarding cryptocurrency exchanges, Mazzuca explains that there is a Wallex Custody account, which allows you to transfer your digital currencies from your crypto account and exchange any digital currency. to your preferred currency. It also provides international IBAN.

There is no doubt that the new normal has opened a new era for financial transactions. And Wallex Custody has pledged to be the guardian of the new age, Mazzuca concludes.

Start with Wallex Custody and we will help you reach your financial goals.

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Safety and customer protection are the main priorities of Trust. Therefore, as a regulated Fintech company, Wallex follows strict anti-money laundering processes (5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive) and more detailed human identification (KYC) procedures, as well as detailed chain analysis and transaction monitoring processes thus complying with rules and regulations in each country of business.

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